Wednesday, December 28, 2011

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#Steppingoutoftheboat of Excess #Weight

This week, reduce my sugar intake to shed some extra fat
weight: 267lbs
#Weight loss goal for the week: lose 4-8lbs

#Exercise Plan
Monday:  back/chest/belly, 1hour aerobics
Tuesday: 1 hour walk
Wednesday: thighs/ butt/belly, 1 hour aerobics
Thursday 1 hour walk/run-optional
Friday: arms/shoulder/thighs, 1 hour aerobics

I can do all things through Christ who empowers me.

I hope that sharing my journey to #restoration of excellent #health will inspire someone to take that first step or continue the journey.
Thank you
Esther Jno-Charles

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Rose is Born

A Rose is Born

A single bud sits amidst the prairie stems.
The sun shines freely in the morning sky,
Radiating its golden rays into a dazed and sleepy pond.
A red velvet petal unfolds, beckoning invisible forces.
The wind blows openly throughout the meadow's sweetness.
Rippling through the green summer grass,
Refreshing the single bud.
A velvet petal unfolds itself,
Awakening the lazy pond.
A velvet petal unfolds itself,
Bringing the wonders of life into motion.
Green leaves burst from the swaying stem,
Boasting the never-dying beauty that will now, not always, show though to the world.
A velvet petal unfolds itself.
A baby mouse playfully bats at the leaves.
Squeaking, jumping up, scampering around.
A velvet petal unfolds itself and warms the groggy pond.
Filling it with feelings of happiness,
Erasing all moments of despair.
Inspired, the sunlit pond whispers its favorite song,
Opening the eyes of wilderness,
With its gleaming yellow glow.
Lightening evermore the spirit of the growing wonder.
Which will in a period of time,
have such an effect on a single mind,
This one single rose,
That will change the lives, the destiny, of many.
By Odella Chrislyn Jno-Charles at 11yrs

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Great author Michael Hicks.

check out this great author's website: ski fi/fantasy. He has a free kindle book as well.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


#DOMINICA is a wonderful, fun #destination for #ecofriendly tourists, #naturelovers, #hikers, #divers, romantic lovers, artists, #adventureseekers and others!
Check out the DOMINICA video and leave your comments:

Thursday, September 1, 2011

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Thank you
Esther Jno-Charles
Author: The Talking Palm 

Thursday, August 25, 2011



PLAN: I want 7 people who are willing to READ my novel, REVIEW and RATE the book on FIRST, then PASTE the same review on  ALL DONE IN 7 DAYS OR LESS.  

The Talking Palm is an easy read! It is great inspirational book for teen girls and for young and mature female adults! Men can read it to, especially if they have teenage or young adult daughters or plan to.

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(6) I look forward to seeing your reviews on and

(7) Thanks  for your wonderful participation.
Esther Jno-Charles

#IndieBookBlowout September 2nd -5th 2011!

Dozens of GREAT eBooks for 99¢ each! PLUS lots of prizes including a new Kindle! #IndieBookBlowout.

My novel is there.  Authors, check it out! The best to you.

Esther Jno-Charles
Author: The Talking Palm  

Book Review: 5 of 5 stars to Zarrella's Hierarchy of Contagiousness: The Science, Design, and Engineering of Contagious Ideas by Dan Zarrella

Zarrella's Hierarchy of Contagiousness: The Science, Design, and Engineering of Contagious IdeasZarrella's Hierarchy of Contagiousness: The Science, Design, and Engineering of Contagious Ideas by Dan Zarrella
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Zarrella's Hierarchy of Contagiousness: The Science, Design, and Engineering of Contagious Ideas
by Dan Zarrella is a very helpful book! I highly recommend it!
The book uses research data to "deconstruct how social media works, who it benefits, and why we all depend upon these networks to help our good ideas spread."
It provides excellent yet simple relevant information to expand your knowledge of social media from a scientific perspective. For instance, I learned about a list of the most and least popular words for tweeting based on the author's research analysis. That gave me new ideas and an increased confidence that will certainly improve my social media interaction.
It is a great instructional book for people like me still trying to master social media. In fact, that was why I read the book. It came as an unsolicited offer through my email, and I caught the title. I read it immediately because I was already searching for information to help me improve my social media influence and business brand.
The information therein can also help media experts because you can always do better still. There is always room to grow and expand.
I am glad the free offer came unasked! What a gift!

Get the book now!  It is free through August 27th on
Thank you!
Esther Jno-Charles
Author: The Talking Palm

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Talking Palm: How the childhood storms of a young woman's life remained hidden until a palm fruit started talking

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Review of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

The Immortal Life of Henrietta LacksThe Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was an emotionally tough book for me to read at first because as a black woman, it was hard for me to be reminded of the devastation of the black soul due to blatant racism. However, toward the middle of the book, I cheered when people started fighting back at a racist exploitive scientific system that made millions off the cells of a black woman while her offsprings gagged in poverty. In the end, even though the first generation of Henrietta Lack's offsprings did not reap the economic benefits of the scientific commercialization of Mrs. Lack's cells, her second generation relatives' pursuit of education will compensate somewhat for that.

I am glad Rebecca Sloot invested so much capital in doing such thorough research to find the true identity of and give the proper credit and recognition to the life and amazing scientific contribution of a black woman whose cells have transformed the world.


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Esther Jno-Charles: Featured Author on site Promoting Dominican Artist...

Esther Jno-Charles: Featured Author on site Promoting Dominican Artist...: "Check out this great site where my book is #featured. The Talking Palm: How the childhood storm of a young woman's life remained hidden unti..."

Featured Author on site Promoting Dominican Artists

Check out this great site where my book is featured.  The Talking Palm: How the childhood storm of a young woman's life remained hidden until a palm fruit started talking:
Great book that shows how a young lady treated the desires of her heart.  Great inspirational book for tweens, teens, young women and mature women.
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Joy to You!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


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Esther Jno-Charles
Author:The Talking Palm 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

10 # Easy Steps to Writing a # Book# Review on

1. Go to or use the book's link to take you to the page on

2. If you go directly to, write the name of the book (like my novel The Talking Palm) into the search box

3. The book shows up

4. Click on the image of the book

5. Beside the book image that emerges after that click, and on the right hand side of the book is a phrase that says, "Be the first to review this item."

6. Click on that link.

7. It will take you to a login page that also has the 3-4 simple steps to write your review.

8.  Two of the easy steps include rating the book out of five stars and choosing either a video or written review. Choose one, preferably written.  

8. Don't worry or be afraid that your review may not be like the professionals'.  It does not need to be.  You read the book.  You have an opinion.  Your opinion is important. Express it!

9. Let your review simply be a few sentences stating what you think the book is about, if you like the book or not and why. Did the book impact you in any way? Would you recommend the book? What you say will help another person decide whether to buy the book or not. That is power!  

10.Preview your work to see how it looks. Post it.


Thank you

Esther Jno-Charles
Author of The Talking Palm: How the childhood storms of a young woman's life remained hidden until a palm fruit started talking

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


     Upon receiving my text that the big old cracked tree standing in front of our yard was just cut down, my daughter text me her final words of respect.
     Rest in peace old glorious tree! You will not be forgotten. Your memories will live on in my writings. Your memories will live on in the birds and squirrels and cars to whom you provided shelter from the hot sun, and the plants that grew in your protective shade.   
     Goodbye tree and welcome to the new place in which you will live on in our minds, in our consciousness, in your impact on those who walk on today.  By Odella Jno-Charles

Esther Jno-Charles: Help Tweens, Teens, Young Adults

Esther Jno-Charles: Help Tweens, Teens, Young Adults: "Buy The Talking Palm: How the childhood storms of a young woman’s life remained hidden until a palm fruit started talking by Esther J..."

Help Tweens, Teens, Young Adults

Buy The Talking Palm: How the childhood storms of a young woman’s life remained hidden until a palm fruit started talking by Esther Jno-Charles

Give the gift of The Talking Palm to a tween, teen, other young adult.  The book will help them discover that they are not alone. Reading my book will show female youth that although the background of young people around the world may be different, their experiences may be similar.

My book explores some of the serious challenges Sheryl deals with while growing up in the Caribbean island of Dominica, the island associated with Jane Rhys' book entitled Wide Sargasso Sea.
ISBN: 978-0982887707

book available:
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Monday, June 27, 2011

An orange glow through the pond

My daughter was practicing parallel parking yesterday afternoon when we stopped for an impromptu walk through one of the two parks in our neighborhood. Check the orange glow of the sun powered light as it glistened though the green pond water.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Talking Palm: How the childhood storms of a young woman's life remained hidden until a palm fruit started talking

 Sheryl grows up in the #Caribbean isle of #Dominica believing in a #cultural myth that a big bad man called a “skerrit” kills children who do not go to school. But a #truant Sheryl thinks that can never happen to her until the day she learns that the “skerrit” has come to get her, and the #frightened nine-year old Sheryl face a #fate that she thinks nobody can save her from.  As Sheryl matures and #encounters more #powerful people determined to harm her, however, she fights back the best she can. One day, an unusually mighty friend whom she has been longing to see all of her life finally visits her land.  But the #excited twenty-year old soon #discovers that her friend’s landing is not what she had #anticipated, and more than she had expected.  Stories of #stormy as well as #delightful encounters in this #novel are buried deep within Sheryl, until one night, one late #college night, when a #palm fruit starts her talking.

My Caribbean Coconut Delight

When I was growing up in Dominica, one of my favorite foods was the coconut. A lot of good stuff came from the coconut.
     Coconut jelly, the soothingly cold pure nature’s water and the white jiggle pulp found in the green shell of the non-mature fruit tasted so good rolling down my throat on a hot Sunday morning.
     Ah. Roasted coconut. That roast was to live for as it cackled under the brimming fire of charcoal while its healthy oil spewed out of its turgid fruit like a volcanic eruption. Its barbecued aroma smelled as heavenly as it tasted when it exploded on my panting tongue with a piece of hot bread.
     What about the gravy made with coconut milk?  Have you tasted that gravy yet, that sannkotj? If not, you are missing something. As a child, I lived for the moments when my mother grated that coconut, strained the white frothy milk from that tropical fruit and mixed it with her stewing meat. What an collision of the senses! What titillating thoughts raced through the mind of my salivating tongue. I tell you, my mouth used to struggle to wait for the feast in paradise that was to come.     
     Desserts. Ummm. Desserts like coconut lollipops, ice cream, cake, and coconut tablѐt provided sweet heaven for children like me, especially coconut tablѐt.  My oh my.  Coconut tablѐt was one my favorite sweets.  I could not live without it. I could not stay away from it.  Not for an entire day.  Wherever it was, I had to find it.  When I had no money to buy it, well, I found it. I found the money.  I remember stealing coins from our grocery store (shh, a secret) to buy coconut tablѐt.  I did so almost every day after I had lunch and my coconut dessert fanatic pals and I were on our way back to school for the afternoon session.
     School.  My school, a long one-room building, was just a few steps away from the sea, the jolly Caribbean Sea.  Yep.  Its sunny beach was where my friends and I landed most afternoons, as we strolled along its sole-tingling sand looking for mangoes and grapes while we munched on our beloved tablѐt.
     That was fun, so much fun, much more fun than the boring long division menu awaiting my friends and I when and if we returned to our class under the coconut or mango trees.

Journey with me into my past and find out more about my relationship with the coconut in my 

new coming of age novel called:
The Talking Palm: How the childhood storms of a young woman’s life remained hidden until a palm fruit started talking  at

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Something I Love

I love to write, fun write. This means I like to write whatever I want without fear.  Fear of ridicule, fear of edit, fear of rejection, fear of acceptance.  Fear of anything.  Fear.  No fear.  I get to sit, stand, stoop, lie down and write.  It could be something fun, crazy, original, logical, illogical, long, short creative, analytical. Whatever.   What I write  could be a simple idea, a complex idea.  I could let the idea be or expand it.  And I could do so freely. In my journal, during my devotional, on scrap paper, on a box, in the library, on the bus, on the train ride, in my sleep.  Anywhere.  Anytime.  Anything! Wow!  Freedom.  Freedom of expression.
 I could turn one simple idea into a phrase, a sentence, a paragraph,  a story. It could be something that no one could tell me is good or is not good.  It could be a piece of writing that requires feedback or no feedback.  I know.  I may not sound too logical.  I agree. I do not care.  I do not care about sounding or not sounding  logical.  
All I care about right now is to share the amazing joy (I know) and absolute freedom of creating my own life narrative and posting it to my profile as soon as I registered with  This is the profile I designed below:
I love to fun write.  I love to create. I admire excellence. Bold, free creative writing and expression are in my DNA, are part of my soul. I am also a teacher, community organizer and event planner. I love to plant vegetable, travel, organize and host self-development seminars and workshops. My calling in life is to give voice to the voiceless and inform and hence empower people through stories and strategic bites of information.   
The process of freely expressing myself, my truth from somewhere deep within was so wonderful and ticklish and liberating.  It felt so good, so joyful, so light, so authentic, so powerful. Wow!.  That is me, my heart agreed.  This is my life story or part of my life story in a coconut shell.  Simple.  And it was easy to do. The story lines or descriptive words came easily.  They poured forth from their nesting places inside of me, landed on the tips of my fingers and transported themselves onto the keyboard.   Yes they did. 
That was it.  That was the joy, the joy of doing, doing something I love.  While  I was luxuriating in that happy  space, an idea popped within my chest. Why not use one piece of the profile, the first part or sentence as a wonderful tease and introduction to my first blog? And at the end of my introduction, ask my new friends and supporters and fans the simply question:  What one fun thing do you love to do?