Wednesday, July 13, 2011

10 # Easy Steps to Writing a # Book# Review on

1. Go to or use the book's link to take you to the page on

2. If you go directly to, write the name of the book (like my novel The Talking Palm) into the search box

3. The book shows up

4. Click on the image of the book

5. Beside the book image that emerges after that click, and on the right hand side of the book is a phrase that says, "Be the first to review this item."

6. Click on that link.

7. It will take you to a login page that also has the 3-4 simple steps to write your review.

8.  Two of the easy steps include rating the book out of five stars and choosing either a video or written review. Choose one, preferably written.  

8. Don't worry or be afraid that your review may not be like the professionals'.  It does not need to be.  You read the book.  You have an opinion.  Your opinion is important. Express it!

9. Let your review simply be a few sentences stating what you think the book is about, if you like the book or not and why. Did the book impact you in any way? Would you recommend the book? What you say will help another person decide whether to buy the book or not. That is power!  

10.Preview your work to see how it looks. Post it.


Thank you

Esther Jno-Charles
Author of The Talking Palm: How the childhood storms of a young woman's life remained hidden until a palm fruit started talking

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