Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Rose is Born

A Rose is Born

A single bud sits amidst the prairie stems.
The sun shines freely in the morning sky,
Radiating its golden rays into a dazed and sleepy pond.
A red velvet petal unfolds, beckoning invisible forces.
The wind blows openly throughout the meadow's sweetness.
Rippling through the green summer grass,
Refreshing the single bud.
A velvet petal unfolds itself,
Awakening the lazy pond.
A velvet petal unfolds itself,
Bringing the wonders of life into motion.
Green leaves burst from the swaying stem,
Boasting the never-dying beauty that will now, not always, show though to the world.
A velvet petal unfolds itself.
A baby mouse playfully bats at the leaves.
Squeaking, jumping up, scampering around.
A velvet petal unfolds itself and warms the groggy pond.
Filling it with feelings of happiness,
Erasing all moments of despair.
Inspired, the sunlit pond whispers its favorite song,
Opening the eyes of wilderness,
With its gleaming yellow glow.
Lightening evermore the spirit of the growing wonder.
Which will in a period of time,
have such an effect on a single mind,
This one single rose,
That will change the lives, the destiny, of many.
By Odella Chrislyn Jno-Charles at 11yrs

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