Monday, February 24, 2014

The Help Sheryl Speak Loud and Far Movement

     In “The Skerrit,” little Sheryl thinks she is going to die in a house in the ocean. She thinks she deserves such cruel punishment for her truancy. She also believes that no one, not even her mother, can rescue her from the tragedy that awaits her. So she stands alone, scared, powerless and silent before a powerful adult her culture has led her to believe has the absolute right to hurt her.
     Like Sheryl, thousands of girls around the world are led to believe that they deserve to be ill treated, dream-deprived, uneducated and silenced. Let us reverse that legacy for the silenced girls of the world by helping Sheryl speak loud and far. Make her voice reach at least one million people. We can do it. Together. With your help, Sheryl will no longer face the world alone. With your support, Sheryl’s voice will be heard.
You help broadcast Sheryl’s voice when you tell 5 people or more to get The Talking Palm at
      Then tell each of the five or more to tell 5 others and so on.
     On behalf of the once silenced Sheryls of the world, I thank you.

     Esther Jno-Charles

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