Monday, February 17, 2014

Invited or not Invited to the Wedding

     In The Talking Palm, nineteen-year old Sheryl is preparing to get married, but she does not invite her closest friends and relatives. Sheryl lives in a small village where everyone knows who your friends are and who are not.       
     Therefore, not inviting close associates whom people expect to be invited will elicit vicious gossip and ill-will toward Sheryl. Sheryl knows that, and that bothers her. Yet, she does it anyway.
     Ladies, should your close friends and relatives be expected to be invited to your wedding? Which friends or relatives would you not or did you not invite to your wedding?
     Share your thoughts and or experiences.
     By Esther Jno-Charles

Book: The Talking Palm:How the childhood storms of a young woman’s life remained hidden until a palm fruit started talking:

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