Monday, April 1, 2013

To Take or Not to Take the Biscuit

     Fourteen-year old Sheryl loves Shirley Biscuits. Twenty-five year old Sam knows that. Sheryl also knows that Sam does not like her family. One night, Sheryl rushes to her neighbor's store to buy some last-minute groceries. There, she encounters Sam, the shopkeeper's cousin. He is alone.
     Before Sheryl can even ask for what she wants, Sam throws her a dangerous proposal: he will give her a free packet of Shirley Biscuit in exchange for sex. Suddenly, the teenager is confronted with a dilemma: should she or should she not take the thing she loves?
     What do you think Sheryl does? What do you think of Sam? Are there moral problems immediately apparent in Sam's proposal? Do teenagers ask their peers to make such choices regularly, daily? Do adults ask adults to compromise their moral values for material gains? Have you ever faced such a dilemma? How did you deal with it?
     Read The Biscuit, a story in my autobiographical book The Talking Palm: to see how Sheryl resolves that crisis. Tell teenagers and mothers about it. Strike a conversation with them about the dilemma the story poses. Who knows? Your telling could change a teenager's life, for good. 
     Have fun.
     Thank you

Esther Jno-Charles 

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