Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Favorite Food

     When I grew up in The Commonwealth of Dominica, coconut foods were some of my favorite foods.
Roasted coconut with the fresh butter loaves were irresistible. Copra, the coconut fruit that forms when the coconut dries inside its shell is oh so delicious. What a goodness gracious smell it gives.
     Have you heard of coconut tablèt? I lived for it. My friends and I had to find a way to get some pennies to buy those sweet coconut treats on our way back or our school day was not complete. Why? “Some were finely grated, light and fluffy; others were thinly sliced, compact and sticky. The stickier they were, the sweeter, and the sweeter they were, the better.” (The Talking Palm )
     The vendors made it so easy to tempt our little noses and inquisitive eyes. They kept those lick-your-finger sweets right where we could see them as we walked to and from school. Of course, tablèt addicts like me knew which gates to peek over and which windows to focus our envious attentions before we got through the doors.
     Let's not forget the delectable coconut jelly swimming inside its own water in a green coconut. On a hot day, that jelly brings cool relief to a thirsty tongue.
     Did i introduce you to sanngkotj, that out-of-this universe gravy my mother used to make with stewed meat and coconut milk? How did I delve into that rich goodness? With fingers of course. Five fingers. Shhh.
Before I send you on a coconut rampage, I must remind you of coconut ice cream. Have you tried it? Do.
     Try something coconut. Let me know what you think.
     Coconuts. Sheryl's favorite food in The Talking Palm:  Get the book. See what else Sheryl did with that tropical fruit. What was your favorite part? Tweet/blog it. 
     Have fun.

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